Monday, April 13, 2009

A Near-Miss

Yesterday got off to a good start, but wound up being an overload day. Our lunch plans (a healthy grilled Mexican chicken salad) were shot down when apparently the restaurant owners decided they should celebrate Easter, too. (Not that I blame them.) So we wound up at another local joint without any significant healthy options - at least none that I wanted to eat. To my credit, I didn't "lick the platter clean."

I did manage to stay out of the snack food at home, though. After church I wound up eating out again, and since I'd been craving pancakes lately, ordered a child's pancake plate at Cracker Barrel. I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed - the flapjacks just weren't as good as they usually are.

Then I got home too late to exercise. All of this is okay, though. I ate some food I had really wanted without going totally overboard, and it doesn't hurt to have a rest day here and there, either. This morning I felt a bit queasy - I think the milk I put in my coffee was bad or something - and so I didn't eat anything until lunch. I had another one of those yummy spinach-strawberry-chicken salads, and I think I'm going to finish it off with some pineapple chunks.

I should be going now... Monday calls.

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