Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not-so-Friendly Reminder

Got one of those today... turns out I can't eat what I want and lose weight. I gained a pound.


I'm not into mantras and meditation, but this week I choose one - when I want to eat, I will ask myself this:

What do I want?

If need be, I'll ask it over and over, so I can remind myself of exactly what I'm working for.

- to lose enough weight to comfortably survive clinicals
- to be healthy for Braeden
- to be healthy for myself
- to be healthy so that I can think about baby #2
- to look good
- to feel good in my own skin

What do I want?

Friday, May 1, 2009

End of the Tunnel

To say that this has been a wild week would be a gross understatement. Both cars broke down, we've been dealing with finals and of course the usual daily issues. I'm tired, and haven't had much time to exercise. Food is tempting me sorely, and I've given in too many times.

I have a final to take this afternoon, and then I'm going to cook a few meals for the week before settling into a study routine. I also hope to exercise a little more than I have been. My major goal for this week is simply to keep my head above water. Once finals are over, I can breathe, and for that, I am exceptionally thankful. I haven't looked forward to summer this much in years! LOL