Monday, November 26, 2007

I Survived Round One!

I did it. I made it past Thanksgiving. Honestly, this isn't much of an accomplishment - Mom & Dad were so supportive of me, and so careful to make it easy for me to make good choices that it made the holiday a breeze. The ride home was far worse than the Big Meal itself. By the time we'd fought traffic for 90 minutes longer than usual, I wanted to do nothing so much as devour six double cheeseburgers. (I just ate one single.)

The WI today was good, but not stellar. I lost 2.2 for the week. I was hoping for something a little more exciting - but considering that's nearly six pounds in two weeks, I can't complain.

I have probably said this before, but I am starting to feel the groove again. I've had a few decent WIs, and if I can keep it up for a while, I might get back to my 2-lb per week average from my first try at WW. One of the ladies at the meeting said it looked like I had lost, and I was thrilled to hear it from someone besides my parents or my husband, who I am sure feel somewhat obligated to praise me regardless. (Not that I mind - it's just a little different when it comes from someone else.)

Moving on. . . I have to mentally prepare for Christmas. That will be the tough holiday. I am dreading it from a food standpoint. It looks like we'll be going to Indy this year, which obliterates my original exercise plan. I'm going to have to rethink, and I'm not sure of the best approach just yet.

One more thing - I'm experimenting with leftovers this year, and if it's as yummy as I hope, I'll have some new recipes to share in a few days.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thankful for a Good WI

Woot! I was down 3.4 pounds this week! This made me very happy, especially since I really blew right past my weekly points after the tornado Thursday. (No pun intended.)

Now to Thanksgiving. . . I am really not stressing this one. My last stint on WW saw my greatest loss Turkey Week, and since Mom & Dad are so supportive, I know they're doing what they can to make sure I have good choices. I have decided to enjoy the foods I love (like Mom's dressing) in moderation. We're lightening some things a little, but not too much. I'm just going to stay out of my WPAs until Thursday and Friday, then go back to dailies only for the rest of the week. If I am careful, I should do well - and maybe get past the 10-lb mark.

Now that would be something to be thankful for! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekly Musings

After a weekend of insanity (read: watching 3 kids age 4 and under), I am pleased with the results of my WI last night. Down another 0.8 pounds - not much, but it's still a loss.

I seriously need to get back on track with my exercise. Tonight, short of the final destruction of Earth, I am going to work out - preferably a longer 50+ minute DVD. I have been remiss in my exercise lately, and I really need to correct that before it becomes a habit.

Today I began with a healthy and filling breakfast - a scrambled egg sandwich made w/light bread, a ff cheese slice, ff Miracle Whip (yum!), and roughly 1/2 c. eggbeaters; a honeycrisp apple (simply divine - I didn't know apples could be so sweet!); and about 3 cups of coffee mixed with a cup of skim milk, daVinci sf hazelnut syrup, and splenda (yes, I know - I really need my caffeine!).

One failure to report: in trying to cut back on spending, I decided to subject myself to canned soft drinks for my carbonation fix instead of spending $1.75 on a soda from a fountain. Sadly, canned Diet Mountain Dew is horrible, horrible stuff - nothing like its delicious counterpart from the Taco Bell fountain machine. Now I have eleven cans of nastiness in the fridge that I probably can't pawn off on anyone.

Guess I'll stick with diet Coke from now on.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Surprise, surprise

In spite of myself, I actually lost weight. Guess I should quit paying attention to the scale at home. It seems to be perpetually wrong. Finally, finally, finally - I have broken the 5-lb mark. I never dreamed it would come off so slowly this time. I've really got to keep at it, and pray that I don't slip again.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I feel pretty confident that today's weigh-in won't be a good one, based on the scale tucked in the bathroom. Four weeks and I haven't been able to lose five measly pounds. Before there were times when I'd lose five pounds in one week! I am so frustrated!

I've decided that I need to back off the exercise a bit. I think I'm overdoing it - by exercising (hard) five days a week, I'm not leaving myself much room to grow. Besides that, I'm just not sure my body is ready for that kind of abuse yet. Technically I can do the exercise, but I'm risking burnout in the process.

Something's gotta give. I need to lose the weight; I know that. But if I don't start seeing some progress soon, I'm going to lose my sense of motivation - and that is a dangerous thing.