Monday, November 5, 2007


I feel pretty confident that today's weigh-in won't be a good one, based on the scale tucked in the bathroom. Four weeks and I haven't been able to lose five measly pounds. Before there were times when I'd lose five pounds in one week! I am so frustrated!

I've decided that I need to back off the exercise a bit. I think I'm overdoing it - by exercising (hard) five days a week, I'm not leaving myself much room to grow. Besides that, I'm just not sure my body is ready for that kind of abuse yet. Technically I can do the exercise, but I'm risking burnout in the process.

Something's gotta give. I need to lose the weight; I know that. But if I don't start seeing some progress soon, I'm going to lose my sense of motivation - and that is a dangerous thing.

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