Monday, April 6, 2009

Feelin' Good

NSV (non-scale victory) - Jeff brought home a yummy pizza last night - chicken, bacon, ranch, tomato, and feta cheese. Tasty as it looked, and even though I was a wee bit hungry, I only had one small piece. Yay me!

So far today I've had oatmeal with banana chunks, a couple of rice cakes, a spinach/tomato/cucumber salad with parmesan & a spray-on Caesar dressing, and a baked sweet potato with a wedge of French Onion Laughing Cow cheese. I was skeptical about the potato-LC combo, but it was fantastic. Tonight I'm thinking about baked tilapia with coconut breading. Mmmm....

I'm not counting points, and I'm not doing WW Core, either. I am somewhat following the principles - especially the "healthy guidelines" that tell you to eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies, 6 cups water, etc. Mostly I'm just watching my portions and trying to eat less junk.

Last night I baked an entire bag of chicken to use however we feel like this week. I'll use some of it for chicken salad - yum! I wish we had a decent grill, but that (like many other things) will have to wait.

Depending on how Bebo feels when I pick him up from school today, we might go to the old house and work for an hour or so. If not, I'll just do more housework here (like I did last night), and then I'm going to drag out one of my Firm DVDs. I am not sure yet how well it will work with my limited space, but I'm going to give it a whirl anyway. It will probably take a few tries for me to figure out how best to set up my workout space, and that's okay.

Must go now!

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