Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

It was so good to have a day off - two Saturdays are nice! :) I admittedly was quite lazy today - sleeping in until almost 11, then taking a nap again later in the day. Apparently I need to catch up on my beauty rest!

I didn't fritter away the entire day, though. I spent a good bit of time in the kitchen. First I cut up fresh strawberries, spread the pieces out on a baking pan, and froze them. Then they went to a ziploc baggie so I can easily make smoothies or whatever else suits my fancy. Next I tackled the pineapple, which wasn't as difficult as I'd expected. I'd read that you can squeeze juice from the peels, and I got quite a bit that way. I baked a batch of brown rice, then cooked a delicious sweet & sour dish.

Once I was finished in the kitchen, it was time to do some actual work, so I spent the next three hours or so cleaning the house. I still have more to do tomorrow, but it'll have to wait until Jeff leaves for work. I don't want to wake him while he's trying to rest between shifts. No exercise - hoofing it on the house counts, as far as I'm concerned! LOL

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