Sunday, August 19, 2007


Don't tell Jeff! (He's never read any of my blogs, so I am not the least bit concerned about him reading the news here.)

The DVDs I ordered a few days ago haven't even shipped yet, and I've gone and ordered some more. Oooh, I am such a glutton for punishment! I got the TransFIRMer set, plus the Jiggle-Free Arms/Buns bonus pack. I debated long and hard over whether to get those or to get the bonus pack for my new TransFIRMation set. Finally I decided I needed the step worse than I did the newest set. Besides, maybe I can con someone into buying the new ones for me for Christmas!

This will give me a total of 14 DVDs to rotate, plus the WATP & Tae Bo DVDs I already had. That probably seems like overkill, but you have to understand - I get bored very easily. If I am going to consistently do this at home, I simply must have variety. I'm slowly learning the moves to the current set, then I'll gradually work in the others as they arrive.

Maybe I shouldn't have spent all that money on myself, but it's a big motivator for me. I'm enjoying working out again. . . well, sort of. I don't actually look forward to working out, but I always feel better for having done it. In my gut I know it's good for me, and that keeps me going even when I really don't feel like it.

I'm looking for a yoga DVD. I don't get into the New Age mind/body/soul bit, but I want something quiet (and easy!) that will help me stretch. If you know of one, please let me know!

I can tell you right now, after the workout I had tonight, I am going to be hurting for a couple of days. My arms are already cursing my existence.

That's a good thing, right?

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