Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Duplicate DVDs, Whole-Wheat Couscous, and Energy Pills

I finally assimilated most of my new workout videos into my collection yesterday. Naturally, all but one arrived while I was out of town. I was rather disappointed to find that I'd managed to duplicate two of them. My first set of Firm videos was a 3-disc set. Braeden broke one of the DVDs by accident. Since that time, they've changed the covers for the set, so when I ordered online, I didn't realize I was duplicating the set I already had. Prunes! I'd already opened the DVDs before I caught the mistake. It could have been worse - I got a DVD to replace the one that broke plus one that wasn't in my original set.

I also received upper- and lower- body workouts, as well as a new cardio video. I hate cardio, but I make myself do it anyway. Hopefully my last set will arrive soon. When it does, I'll be in good shape to work out with variety!

I'm hoping the new stuff motivates me. I'm tired. Two weeks in a row of being totally off-kilter and off-schedule has sapped some of my drive. Sure, I'll recover - I just hope it doesn't take too long to do it. I started a lower-body video last night, but just didn't have the energy to finish it. Tonight is cardio, and just the thought is already making me exhausted.

On a brighter note, I went grocery shopping last night. The pickins' are much better today! I'll be having crock-pot pork chops (cut-them-with-a-fork-tender!) and probably whole wheat couscous. I have 8 pounds of ww couscous. Yes, that's a lot - but to order from the net, I had to get a huge amount. Least I know I won't run out anytime soon!

I wish they packaged energy in a pill. Real energy, not the fake kind derived from ephedra or ginseng or stuff like that. Four-year-old boy fresh from nap energy - now that's what I need!

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