Friday, August 17, 2007

New things

Now that my air conditioner has finally been fixed, I've started my exercise routine again. Since I missed several workout days, I decided to backtrack a week. It's unreal how quickly muscles can lose ground.

I made some exciting purchases yesterday. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I finally found tahini. It was in the weirdest place - by the peanut butter, of all things. I was expecting it to be either with the spices or the ethnic foods. Weird.

Then I came home and made two separate orders. From Overstock I found a total of 5 FIRM videos. One is a cardio video that comes with a stretchy band, and the other is a set of 4 of the older Body Sculpting System sets. I need variety in the worst way, and figured that since I have the old Fanny Lifter (isn't that a funny name?) I might as well put it to good use.

After that I moseyed to Amazon and bought two popsicle molds and a humongous jar of whole wheat couscous. I've been searching for the molds everywhere, but I guess since it's the end of the summer everyone must be out of stock. The kind I bought has the plastic bottoms so the popsicle won't drip as badly, perfect for a wild four-year-old. I'd given up on finding the ww couscous, and this massive jar will probably last me for a year, after which I'll probably give the jar to Braeden.

Moving on...

Have you ever had the iced coffee from McDonald's? I didn't especially like it, but I liked the idea quite a bit. I splurged on some of the Starbucks French Roast (couldn't find Sumatra, my fave blend) and made a bit vat of iced coffee. I flavored it with sugar-free daVinci syrup and sweetened with splenda. Now it's sitting in my freezer getting ultra-cold. On a day like today, I seriously need the caffeine boost! :)

As bizarre as it might sound, all these things should help me with my dieting. As far as I'm concerned, the coffee is a decadent treat. Couscous is my new best friend because it's so versatile. And I've found oodles of recipes for sugar-free fat-free popsicles that will be cheaper than storebought and good for both me and Braeden.

My logic goes something like this: I need healthy living to be a lifestyle, not a quick-fix. If I can truly enjoy the things I'm eating (and drinking) I believe it will be much easier to stick with in the long run.

Maybe that's not logic so much as it is common sense!

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