Friday, September 14, 2007

Warning: I'm Going to Rant

About the flippin' Core Police.

I've been a member of WW's message boards for two years now. During my hiatus from all things weight loss, I managed to forget how utterly obnoxious, rude, hateful, and outright tacky some of the people on the Core board behave.

For example: kettle corn is not Core according to the "rules." 94% fat-free butter popcorn is. There is a brand of 94% fat-free kettle corn with the exact same ingredients as the butter variety, plus splenda. When I made the mistake of suggesting this was acceptable to eat, I was treated like a leper. "Oh, NO. That is NOT Core. You can sprinkle your own Splenda on 94% fat-free butter popcorn, but you can't have it if it's already in the bag."

Do you see the absurdity of this argument? I don't even eat much popcorn - maybe a bag every month. I think the "logic" (if you can call it logical) behind the rule is that it could be a trigger food. But butter popcorn isn't? Please.

Second example: When I started Core the last time, you were allowed to snack on anything you wanted that was on the Core list without counting points. For some reason, they have severely restricted that so that some of my usual snacks are no longer allowed. Keep in mind, it was things like a bowl of shredded wheat or roasted chickpeas. Because I lost weight on the earlier version of Core, that's the version I continue to follow.

But of course - I was harassed for having the gall to say so. It's no different than Flexies following the old Winning Points system.

What disgusts me so is the self-righteous, pious way these women behave. They will cut you down in a heartbeat if you disagree with them. It's really quite discouraging, and has left me in a snit all afternoon. One woman has in her signature "'tweak' is just 'weak' without the 't' ". Was that really necessary? If I lose weight and still eat kettle corn without counting points for it - why do they care?

I am actually considering finding a host for my own message board.

*end rant*

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