Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The weekend did not go well for me, but yesterday did. I used 6 WPAs - 1 more than I wanted to use, but it's no big deal. I shouldn't use that many today.

Last night I made a seriously yummy white chili. I'll post the recipe as soon as I get the nutrition info on it. It will be my lunch today, along with a tossed salad. Breakfast was fried potatoes, onion, and sausage, plus watermelon and iced coffee. For supper I'm trying a new recipe - Mexican couscous salad. I've been on a Mexican kick lately.

Weigh-in should be interesting Thursday. I hope I have a good one. It's time for that scale to start going down again.

In spite of eating poorly, I have kept up with my exercise. Tonight will be a 55-minute C+S workout. Overall this week will be a bit lighter, because I'm heading to Mom's for the weekend and won't have much time to exercise. I think this will be okay, though. I'm scheduling my exercise rotation based on the assumption that the best weight loss occurs when you constantly "surprise" your body. Some weeks I do a lot of cardio, some weeks I rest more than I work out, and some weeks I do a very steady routine. It's easier to schedule a rotation around my schedule than to schedule around my rotation.

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