Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's Game Plan

Yesterday was mucho better, thank goodness. I had a few non-Core items, but earned enough APs to make up for it. Today is off to a good start as well. Breakfast was chicken salad & watermelon. Around 10 I'll eat an apple w/ my caramel-PB dip (1 WPA). Lunch will be ww spaghetti & a salad. I've planned carrots & hummus for my second snack, then supper will be a breakfast scramble - canadian bacon, eggs, onions, peppers and cheese. My late-night sweet fix is going to be a banana smoothie - frozen banana chunks, butterscotch pudding, milk, and a tiny spoonful PB. Yummy!

I earned several APs last night, cleaning house and exercising. I only did the Express version because it was so late by the time I finished the housework. Tonight I'm doing a 55-minute cardio routine. I'm not exactly excited about, because it's long and tough. I'll manage, but I know it's going to wear me out.

And then tomorrow.... sleep. Blissful sleep.

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