Friday, September 7, 2007


I am not doing well.

I am also a master of understatement.

It seems that once I get a little off-track, I feel obligated to derail in a grand fashion, like something you'd see on TV - World's Wildest Binges. Well, maybe that's not entirely fair. I haven't been eating nonstop, just making really bad choices. I'm also not doing a good job of exercising regularly. It's been somewhat hit-or-miss.

I've pondered this problem of mine for a long time now. I believe at least a part of the difficulty is that it's just plain exhausting to constantly be thinking about what I eat and when I will exercise - and for me, it has to be on my mind continuously. I have a life outside of dieting, and sometimes I need a break from the monotony of counting points and performing squats. Unfortunately, little breaks become near-permanent cease-fires.

So I've blown it for a few weeks now. It doesn't help that my chosen form of exercise - the FIRM workouts - can seriously slow weight loss, if not stop it altogether. I know I should see results, but I'm so big that at the moment I'm not seeing anything at all.

But I'm making excuses, aren't I?


Okay... Today I resolve to make healthy choices. I probably won't be able to work exercise into my schedule today, but I will be sure to do so tomorrow.

I also resolve to take time to plan my meals for next week, as well as work out an exercise rotation - and then actually follow it.

And, though I know it will bore you to tears, I will post the previous day's menu for the next seven days. My condolences - and my permission to ignore my blog altogether should you feel a reduction in brain cells. :)

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