Monday, September 10, 2007

News Release

The why before the what:

1. I am spending too much money eating out.
2. Counting points is getting old.
3. I need a kick-start (again) because I'm becoming lax.
4. I'm hoping for a good weigh-in as a result.

Now for the what... I'm switching from Flex to Core. Yeah, I know - big news. Woo-hoo. Yeah.

I wasn't planning on doing this so early in the game, and I may well go back to Flex, but I need to try something different before I lose my momentum altogether. Besides, it's hard to eat fast food on Core, and this should save me some money.

In other matters, I decided to make my own rotation calendar for exercising. I've been winging it, and I think it's a Bad Idea. Having a schedule already made should help considerably.

I also simply must get some sleep. I'm killing myself with exhaustion.

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