Monday, August 15, 2011


I have a deadline to meet, and I'm way behind schedule.

I wanted to be under 200 by the time I graduate in December. At 260ish right now, I ain't gonna make it. But I can still try, right?

We are B-R-O-K-E, BROKE, broke. As in no moolah to spare. This means that buying a ton of fruit and vegetables will not be likely. I will get what I can, but mostly I'm just going to have to exercise and eat a lot less. I can do that. I can do that.

In fact, I started toning this morning. I've got enough videos to have learned every move in the book that could possibly be done with dumbbells, and with a set of weights I bought from the Firm a few years ago, I can adjust quickly and easily to fit the move. I did upper body first, and this afternoon I'll do lower body. Tonight I'll do light cardio, and tomorrow I'll do a heavier cardio round. Then I'll just alternate days.

I can do this. I can do this.

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