Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brief update, in case you were wondering about me.

Just in case....

I had a bad week - then realized the reason was the impending arrival of Aunt Flo (I really detest that woman!). The next week I lost what I'd gained the previous week. This week, however, should result in a pretty good WI, if I don't completely blow it on chocolate after the test I have to take tonight.

At any rate, I've passed the 35-lb mark. That's 35 lost from my highest weight about a year ago. Granted, I haven't actively been trying to lose weight for a year, but I'm still counting that high point.

My goal is to be overweight when I walk across the stage at my pinning ceremony in December. According to my calculations, that will require a loss of 1.58139535 pounds per week. Can I do that? I think so, especially if I can finally start working in some exercise time. Should I succeed, it will also mean I passed the 100-lbs lost mark - something I failed to do the first time I successfully lost weight.

Wish me luck and a whole lotta self control!

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