Monday, June 14, 2010

Week One Results

I lost 1.2 pounds. It wasn't the great start that I'd hoped for, but I will take it.

This week, I need to focus on two things: drinking more water and adding some exercise. Exercise worries me. The last time I tried it threw me into an asthma attack. I'm still recovering from a different attack that sent me to the ER. That was my first serious attack, and even though I now have all kinds of meds to help, I'm still a bit gun-shy of the whole thing.

Ah, well. Not thrilled about my start, but it's better than gaining, right?

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French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

So, how are you doing so far? ^.^

I'm also trying to shed some pounds (88 to be exact) and I've noticed that keeping track of my progression has kept me focused.

Don't give up!

-French Bean